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Republic of Tea Introduces Raw Green Bush Line

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The Republic of Tea has introduced a line of Raw Green Bush Teas made with rooibos from South Africa.

According to the label, “Rooibos (ROY-boss) is the wonder herb that only grows in South Africa. It has been enjoyed since the turn of the century, when local Bushmen discovered that fermenting and sun-drying the needle-like leaves of this wild mountain plant produced a tasty and fortifying red tea. Today, modern production processes provide the option of lightly steaming the just harvested plant before 115 degrees to half the oxidation process. The unoxidized green version of red tea is the raw base of this green bush tea.”

Rooibos has been praised in recent years for its high levels of antioxidants as well as its wealth of minerals and vitamin C. It’s also caffeine free.

Now, with the raw version, you can boil your own water to make a hot cup or, if you are a raw foodist, you can make a pitcher of sun tea and not have to cook anything over the 118-degree point at which the natural enzymes are destroyed.

The Republic of Tea’s lineup contains numerous flavors, including the original as well as Black Currant Cardamom,  Plantain Coconut, Mango Chili, and Orange Red Carrot. The refreshing Black Currant Cardamom gets its boldness from both the fruit and the natural rooibos tea with subtle support from the cardamom to balance the two more dominant flavors.

The suggested retail price is $10 for a canister with 36 tea bags and is available wherever Republic of Tea products are sold, such as Central Market, 4821 Broadway.

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