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Ask a Foodie: Looking for French Macarons?

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Q. I’ve been craving French macarons since my visit to Paris earlier this year. I’ve reviewed enough recipes to feel confident I can make own, but is there anyplace in San Antonio that makes macarons?  — Natalie Barajas

A. Hi Natalie, and thanks for your question. First, in case anyone is unfamiliar with these treats, French or Parisian macarons are not the “macaroons” that we know — dense, candy-like cookies made of coconut, sometimes dipped in dark chocolate. French macarons are a bite-sized delicacy made of two feathery-light meringue cookies sandwiching a layer of ganache (frosting-like) filling.  I recently had French macarons at the Fig Tree, on the River Walk, where I was told that the pastry chef makes them. Also, I know that Williams-Sonoma sells them online.

Natalie, if you think that you’d like to make them, we’d love to hear how they turned out and have the recipe that worked for you. In the meantime, for those who just want to link-and-order, here are locations that sell these lovely sweets online.

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