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Don Strange of Texas, From Catering to Cookbook

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Co-authors Frances Strange (right) and Terry Thompson-Anderson

For more than 50 years, Don Strange of Texas has been dedicated to creating memorable moments in catering. Now, you can make the San Antonio legend’s most famous flavors in your own home.

“Don Strange of Texas: His Life and Recipes” (Shearer Publishing, $34.95) has just been released, and the occasion was right for a launch party.

So, hundreds of people who have tasted the Don Strange magic in the past gathered at the Buckhorn Saloon on East Houston Street Tuesday to snack on some of his more famous recipes, including Grilled White Wings, chicken breast nuggets wrapped in bacon, as well as beef tenderloin, gorditas, avocado halves filled with ceviche and Mother’s Brownies. They also reminisced about the caterer, who died a little more than a year ago.

“I’ve been blessed and led by divine guidance to people who could help me at the most difficult time in my life,” said his widow, Frances Strange, who was the driving force behind the book.

She wasn’t alone in producing the lavish coffee table book with dozens of color photographs, she said. A group of talented women helped her see the project through to completion. The list included publisher Kathy Shearer of Shearer Publishing in Fredericksburg, photographer Tracey Maurer, publicist Lainey Berkus of the CE Group and Di-Anna Arias from Don Strange.

A Don Strange employee piles cheese on freshly made gorditas.

Frances Strange singled out the assistance of co-writer Terry Thompson-Anderson, saying, “Even though I was going to write the book, I was not going to write the book.

“There was a lot of estrogen in this group,” she said with a laugh, “but we survived and we are all proud” of the result.

While the guests helped themselves to the extensive array of food, Frances Strange and Anderson signed copies of the book while sitting under a banner bearing the image of the cover: Don Strange smiling down on them. It was a party he would have loved.

“Don Strange of Texas” is available at local bookstores and online.

Photographs by Bonnie Walker and John Griffin.

Hundreds celebrate the launch of "Don Strange of Texas: His Life and Recipes."


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