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Texas’ First Bourbon Debuts

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Texas’ first bourbon was released Nov. 3.

Garrison Brothers’ Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey comes from the Hill Country where it was distilled and barreled in 2008.

The distillery, located in the town of Hye, is offering an initial release of 1,800 bottles to liquor stores in Blanco and Gillespie counties. Each custom 750-milliliter bottle is hand-numbered and signed by the distiller. It also features a seal dipped in wax.

“We are extremely proud of this bourbon,” proprietor and distiller Dan Garrison says. “It has reached perfection. We’re so confident of its quality, taste and character, we’ll put it up against any Kentucky or Tennessee bourbon in blind taste tests.”

In the past three years that they’ve been creating their bourbon, Garrison and his staff have been producing a sweet mash of organic Texas corn, wheat and barley, which they distill from a small antique copper pot-still that they’ve nicknamed the Copper Cowgirl.

Barrels of bourbon aging at Garrison Brothers Distillery.

Just 125 barrels were placed in barns for maturation in 2008. Thirty-five of these barrels reached their second birthdays this summer and were hand-selected by the proprietor for this release. More than 900 barrels are currently aging in custom-built barns on Garrison’s ranch in Hye.

Garrison follows the rules on what makes a whiskey a bourbon, including aging the spirit in new American oak barrels for a minimum of two years. (For a list of the other rules, click here.)

Once barreled, the bourbon ages and soaks up the sweet sugars that American oak barrels produce. Let the bourbon breathe a little after pouring and “you’ll discover a complex nose of butterscotch, nutmeg, caramel, molasses and chocolate,” Garrison says.

The suggested retail price is $69.95.

The small distillery is open for tours. For more on Garrison Brothers Distillery, visit

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