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Thanksgiving: Bountiful, Flavorful Blessings — But Tame the Stress!

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Pumpkin soup can be made ahead of time.

Gifts, parties, religious observances and decorations take center stage at Christmas, but Thanksgiving is mainly about the feast. So, are you ready for the whole big show?

If not, we have help for you.  The articles linked below are from the SavorSA archives and will help you make this Thanksgiving dinner the best yet. We start with a timeline to keep you on track, with tips on what you can do ahead. And we take you all the way through a few ideas for what to do with leftovers.

Also, check out current articles today and during the week ahead for recipes, from appetizers through desserts, as well as turkey substitutes.

Thanksgiving, our annual remembrance of that first tough year weathered by the Pilgrims in their challenging new home, is when we try to set aside our wants and worries. So, share with those who have less the we do, and enjoy the many gifts that we have.

The Timeline






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