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WalkerSpeak: Enchiladas Compuestas Highlight the Veggies

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If they can put a serving of vegetables into a canned beef sloppy joe mix, why can’t we slip some into a plate of enchiladas?

While I’ve made spinach enchiladas several times and often order those on the menu at La Fonda on Main,  I generally don’t think “vegetables” in the same thought as “enchiladas.”

But it is easily done and deliciously enough that the kids might not even notice. Or, maybe not complain even if they do notice.

Add ground beef or turkey to up the protein in this enchilada mixture. It is already filling in a nutritious way from fresh, cut-up vegetables.

To make these Enchiladas Compuestas, I took just about every vegetable I had on hand out of the refrigerator and started chopping: half a yellow squash, a whole roasted chile poblano, a small potato, a carrot, half a red bell pepper, onion and garlic. (I left the turnips and part of a fennel bulb  in the crisper — some vegetables are just wrong for Tex-Mex-style enchiladas!)

The sautéed veggies were joined by six ounces or so of ground beef, salt and pepper and a pinch or two of ground cumin. Toward the end of cooking I added chopped fresh cilantro. (For vegan enchiladas, leave out the meat and cheese, of course.)

I bound the mixture with a little Hatch Green Chile Enchilada Sauce. More of the sauce went on top of the enchiladas in a baking pan, topped with crumbled queso fresco.  (If you haven’t used queso fresco, it’s soft and creamy, crumbles easily by hand and melts in the oven.)

The mixture, with or without the beef, would have made a pretty good chalupa compuesta, too, or a filling for soft tacos. A fresh tomato salsa would put either of these right over the top.

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