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Chefs’ Corner: Chicharron de Queso

Chefs’ Corner: Chicharron de Queso

Chicharron de Queso

At Marioli, 18730 Tuscany Stone, you can get a variety of dishes, ranging from mini-tacos with pork roasted on a spit to Garibaldi cakes, to dine in or to go.

One of chef Marina Oliver’s more popular dishes is the appetizer Chicharron de Queso, a sheet of cheese fried on a sizzling griddle or comal and served with lime and salsa on the side.

It doesn’t matter what type of cheese you use, she says. Oliver uses shredded Monterrey Jack, but you could also use Parmesan or Swiss.

In the video below, Oliver shows how to make this easy, delicious treat that’s perfect for parties at any time of year.

For more information on Marioli, call 210-496-1111 or click here.

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