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A Merry Christmas from SavorSA

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Just as many of the rest of you, we plan a day or two of relaxation, cookie eating, gift opening, food preparation and sharing a festive meal with friends and family. We’ll  rejoin SavorSA readers on Monday.

Red Twizzlers, gummy Lifesavers, gum drops, chocolate cups and more are lavishly applied on this gingerbread house decorated by a teen at The Bridge.

The colorfully decorated gingerbread houses shown on this posting are from a Christmas party held Monday at the Roy Maas center, The Bridge, on West Avenue.  Les Dames d’Escoffier, of which I am a member, have gathered with the teens staying at the center for a Christmas party for the past three years. We help them decorate gingerbread houses (donated by Central Market), dish up and serve  a sit-down steak lunch for them, then join them around the Christmas tree to open presents and sing Christmas carols.

This event always brings home a truth to me — that it really is a greater joy to give than receive.  So we congratulate the teens on their great creativity with gum drops, pretzels, frosting and candy, and wish them an especially Merry Christmas. And, for everyone, may the year to come bring blessings in abundance.

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