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Get the Holiday Party Started with Glühwein Wintersaison

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Glühwein Wintersaison

Fact: The temperatures have dropped a little and the holiday parties have picked up. What better time for a hearty cup of warm German Glühwein. This mulled wine has a growing number of fans who appreciate its warming spirit and the easy way to serve it.

Simply pour the liter bottle into a Crock Pot, heat on low and you’ve got an instant punch. (If you heat it on high, you could cook out the alcohol while turning some of the spices bitter.) Dress it up with a few slices of orange or lemon, if you’d like; but they’re really not necessary.

Or, if the weather’s warm, which can happen in South Texas at any time of year, just pour over ice.

Feeling: Aromas of orange peel and sweet spices fill the air around each warm, bracing cup. Each sip brings hints of vanilla, cinnamon, clove and lemon peel to the party, along with a pleasant sweetness.

So, put on some Nat King Cole or some Bing. We may not have a white Christmas, but we can enjoy a mug of German Weihnachtsfest without a bother.

You’ll find Glühwein Wintersaison at World Market for about $7.99 a bottle.

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