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New Foodie Trends for 2011? More Pie!

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A great read this week comes from Sylvia Rector of the Detroit Free Press and her research on foodie trends for 2001.

As the new year comes in, expect comfort food and spectacular burgers to relinquish some of the grip they’ve held over the past decade — though no one would expect them over go away. Also, the cupcake craze is apparently giving way to pies. (And, are we ever ready for this!)

Pinching pennies? Some of us who are unemployed or underemployed have been doing that for some time now. And, those who can afford it, are experiencing “frugality fatigue” and opening up their pocketbooks for more expensive ingredients and higher-priced restaurant meals.

What’s in the wind for restaurants? Rector says that food trucks, niche restaurants, serving a very specialized menu, or even a one-food-item menu, are making a strong showing. Who will be owning these restaurant? Maybe people like you and me. That is, those who have fantasized for years about opening a ‘little restaurant” might finally decide to do it.

Link to the Free Press article by Sylvia Rector here.

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