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Expect Higher Prices at Supermarket, Restaurateur Says

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Expect higher prices at the supermarket in the near future, says Roger Arias, co-owner of Earl Abel’s, 1201 Austin Hwy.

The restaurateur says he has been warned by many of his suppliers to expect increases in prices of everything from meat to produce.

Dairy prices have recently shot up and show no signs of dropping.

“We’re going to see rising prices across the board,” he says. “It’s something all restaurants are going to be faced with.”

Fresh foods are more affected by weather, such as this winter’s freak freezes. That, in turn, affects places like Earl Abel’s, because “we don’t buy any processed foods,” Arias says.

Just how high prices go will determine if and when restaurant prices will change.

“We’ll keep an eye on it,” he says.

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