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Sweeten Your Cocktails, Desserts with St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur

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Elderflower liqueur is cropping up on drink and dessert menus in bars and restaurants, but what is it?

It is a liqueur distilled in Dijon, France, from white elderflower blossoms picked by just a few dozen men in the foothills of the Alps in the spring. Then, the blossoms are put into baskets and delivered by bicycle to market.

Of most consequence to foodies as well as bartenders is the flavor, of course.

Elderflower liqueur has a hard-to-describe, but delicious, flavor.

On St-Germain’s website, it is described thus: “Neither passionfruit nor pear, grapefruit nor lemon, the sublime taste of  St-Germain hints at each of these and yet none of them exactly. It is a flavor  as subtle and delicate as it is captivating. A little like asking a hummingbird  to describe the flavor of its favorite nectar. Très curieux indeed, n’est-ce pas?”

I received a small 50 ml bottle of St-Germain for Christmas. My taste buds detected kiwi and gooseberry as well. I could see using it to flavor ice cream or sorbet, in a dessert omelet or crêpes, or for flavoring a buttercream frosting.  Here, from the bottle tag, is the recipe for the St-Germain Cocktail.  Look for St-Germain in most well-stocked liquor stores.

St-Germain Cocktail

1 (50 ml) mini-bottle St-Germain
2 shots brut sparkling wine, Champagne or dry white wine
Soda water, to top

Serve the cocktail in a tall glass with ice. Garnish with a twist of lemon.


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