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Pork Lovers, Take Note: Don’t Miss the Smoke Shack

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Chris Conger opens up the Smoke Shack.

There is something about a good pulled pork sandwich that makes the world stop spinning on its axis. It makes the din of the traffic around you fade into a meditative hum. It makes grown men reach for their hankies, to dab both their eyes and maybe the corners of their mouth.

OK, perhaps those claims are extravagant, but they somehow encompass the feelings conjured by the pulled pork that the Smoke Shack serves up on weekdays just inside Loop 410 at the corner of Nacogdoches Road. This mobile eatery, covered in wood so it looks like the barbecue pit its name refers to, can also be found at the Pearl Brewery on Saturdays during the farmers market there.

The succulent strands of pork are bathed in a mustard sauce that is tangy and just right. You can have the pork two ways, on a barbecue plate or on a slider, which you can order topped with coleslaw. Either way is just fine with a friend and me, who have stopped by the Smoke Shack twice for a quick bite and had almost transcendent experiences.

A pair of pulled pork sliders.

We are both adamant about the slaw on the side of the pulled pork plate or piled high on the slider. The creamy shreds of cabbage does something cool to complement the hot pork, leaving you with a smile on your sauce-smeared face.

The menu is not extensive. Kiolbassa sausage, chicken and brisket are also offered. Sides include potato salad, pinto beans and a spicy corn that would be even better if cooked with a touch more salt as well as the coleslaw. That’s it; but what more do you need when you have that pork?

The Smoke Shack is a guy place, to be sure. The last time we was there, a crowd of more than a dozen men — and not a single woman — was hanging around the truck, filling up on ‘cue. So, women, if you’re wondering where the boys are, this is the place.

The Smoke Shack also caters under the name Conger Catering. Visit or call 210-829-8448.

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2 Responses to “Pork Lovers, Take Note: Don’t Miss the Smoke Shack”

  1. Jackie says:

    The best pulled pork I’ve ever eaten and the cole slaw is unique and the perfect side. 🙂 Two thumbs up!

  2. Jackie says:

    The best pulled pork in town!!