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Ask a Foodie: What Is Longhorn Cheese?

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Q. Does the term “longhorn” for a cheese refer to the type of cheese it is or the cow it comes from? — M.W.

Longhorn Colby or cheddar cheeses are good for melting. This mac and cheese is from Auden's Kitchen.

A. The term “longhorn” really doesn’t refer to either of these. It is made from cow’s milk, rather than sheep or goat. But the type of cheese is usually a mild Colby or cheddar. The term “longhorn” refers to a cylindrical shaped mold in which it is made, which produces a cheese that is 13 pounds and is 1 and 1/2 feet long. When the cheese has aged its proper amount,  it then is cut into rounds or half-moon shapes to be sold.

As an aside: White cheddar cheese is becoming more popular, but many Americans are most  familiar with the orange color, which comes from additives.

From Wikipedia: “One commonly used example (of the coloring substance) is annatto, extracted from seeds of the tropical achiote tree. The largest producer of industrial cheddar-style cheese in the United States, Kraft, uses a combination of annatto and oleoresin paprika, an extract of the lipophilic (oily) portion of paprika.”



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