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What’s Hot: Izze Sparkling Fruit Drinks

What’s Hot: Izze Sparkling Fruit Drinks

Izze fruit sodas in slim cans and cool flavors.

These fruity little sodas are better described as “cool” than hot. Friends tell us they’ve been around for years. But, Izze Sparkling Fruit Beverages are new to us, discovered this weekend at Costco.

For about 50 cents per 8.4 fl. oz. can, you get carbohydrates, yes, but the flavors of sparkling clementine, blackberry and apple are distinct, and the sugar all comes from fruit juice. (Contents are 70 percent fruit juices.) Each contains 90 calories, but they have been fortified with vitamin C, B6 and niacin.

We bought a flat of them (24 cans) and stashed them in the fridge. We don’t drink sodas, or even keep them around the house, so we’re breaking a house rule. The heat finally got to us. But, as an occasional option to ice water, iced tea and beer —we like them!



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