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Take Culinary ‘Tour’ of South America at CIA Boot Camp

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Embark on a five-day culinary excursion from the western coast of Peru, Ecuador, and Chile, across the Andes and Amazon, and ending in Argentina and Brazil in a food enthusiast class at the Culinary Institute of American June 13-17.

Learn to make Brazilian dishes at CIA South America culinary classes here next week. (Here, Brazilian chef Rodrigo Oliveira presents a dish based on pork belly at CIA Latin Flavors conference last fall.)

You can learn about preparing ceviches and employing regional cooking methods as you explore the flavor profiles and seasonings associated with the cuisines of Peru, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina.

  • Develop an appreciation for the ingredients common to several South American countries.
  • Become competent in the pit roasting and grilling traditions used throughout Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil.
  • Familiarize yourself with the cuisines from Brazil’s five principal culinary and geographic regions.
  • Prepare and sample a variety of authentic South American dishes.

The CIA will provide you with two chef’s uniforms (jacket, pants, neckerchief), chef’s toques, side towels, and aprons.  Those with culinary talents at any level will find plenty of valuable information at this workshop.

The class will be from 7 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. each day. The cost is $1,750. To make reservations (and only a limited number may enroll) call 800-888-7850 or Click HERE to register online.





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