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‘Top Chef’ in Town, The Luxury Settling In, and So Is Lana Duke

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Rumors and spot news are making the rounds on the San Antonio dining scene.

“Top Chef” here

First, the word is out that “Top Chef” is here filming for the new season. (Not the little guys that visited the Alon Market recently – the big-name chefs this time.)

Emeril Lagasse, Tom Colicchio and Padma Lakshmi were at Biga on the Banks last night, according to Biga. No forewarning to the kitchen staff at Biga, but some in the group of 12 did head in to greet them after dinner, handshakes all around. Then, some of the chefs moved on over to the Esquire Tavern to close out the night, we hear.

So, where are they staying, where are they filming, dining out, etc.? Those in the know are being pretty tight-lipped at this point. But keep your eyes and ears open, and don’t forget to send chef sightings to us at SavorSA!

Lana Duke of Ruth’s Chris fame gets Vidorra condo here

Lana Duke, shown here at downtown Ruth's Chris, will have a residence in San Antonio.

Meanwhile, it’s good to hear that a great lady, Lana Duke of New Orleans, owner of the local Ruth’s Chris Steak Houses, will have a second residence in San Antonio. She and her son, David, will be part-time residents at Vidorra, a high-rise condominium complex on North Center Street.

The Luxury

Can we look forward to rotisserie and roasted meats going on the menu?

Andrew Weissman says The Luxury has made some significant progress, the containers are in, the landscaping soon to be started. He won’t commit to an opening date yet, but says it’s “pretty darn close.”

As always the Weissman creativity is running full blast. He is thinking of putting in a huge rotisserie in order to roast pork and goat to sell by the pound. That’s always a luxury for the tired, hungry, homeward-bound downtown worker.

He says his trailer dining concept will be unique — even among trailer dining concepts. Wine on tap is always nice, and the river location, across the the San Antonio Museum of Art will be a good draw. We’ll let you know, as soon as we do, the answer to that “when” question.

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2 Responses to “‘Top Chef’ in Town, The Luxury Settling In, and So Is Lana Duke”

  1. ron says:

    top chefs in SA is 100% confirmed. sighted at WF-quarry today. judging from shopping carts – looks like chili challenge.

    • Hi Ron, thanks for the tip – a friend over for July 4 cookout last night mentioned that the film crews had commandeered the store during his visit to WF yesterday, but his report didnt go as far as looking into the shopping carts! Good eyes!