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Wasabi Pepper and Salt Adds a Kick to Your Meats, Vegetables

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Wasabi Pepper and Salt

Do you love the flavor of wasabi but find it just a little too hot? Then you may want to try Wasabi Pepper and Salt, an Asian seasoning blend from Caravelle that can be found at Tim’s Oriental Food Market, 7015 Bandera Road.

The combination of wasabi powder, pepper and salt with a touch of monosodium glutamate gives dishes a richer mouthfeel as well as a minor kick without setting your taste buds on fire. Use it on meat before grilling, use it in a mixture of tossed sautéed vegetables or use it in place of salt and pepper on already prepared food.

My favorite has been on grilled pattypan squash that has been brushed with olive oil. It has also been good on just-seared tuna and fried calamari.

The cost is about $2.99 a bottle.

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