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Ask a Foodie: Can You Freeze Honey?

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Q. Can you freeze honey? Do you need to do anything to it?

— Jim

A. Yes, you can freeze honey.

According to the University of Illinois Extension Service, as quoted on, there are several ways to store honey, including popping a jar in the freezer.

“Honey has to be stored properly to maintain quality. Always store honey in a closed container, in a dry location, at room temperature — about 70-75 degrees. Honey tends to absorb moisture, which can lower its quality. The higher the temperature at which honey is stored, the more likely it is to be damaged,” the site said. “During storage, honey gradually becomes a darker color and changes flavor and composition. Differences can be seen in less than one year. For longer-term storage, freeze honey in the freezer. Freezing stops such changes almost completely and preserves all the natural goodness of the honey.”

While researching your question, I discovered I have been storing honey wrong for a great many years and so have a great many people I know. “Do not store honey in the refrigerator,” the service says. “Refrigerator temperatures cause honey to crystallize very quickly. If the honey crystallizes, remove the lid and place the jar in warm water until the crystals dissolve. You can also dissolve the crystals by heating the honey in the microwave. Be careful not to burn or scorch the honey.”

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