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Cool Off with Five Decidedly Different Ice Creams, from Harry Potter’s ‘ButterBeer’ to Bacon Walnut

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By Jenny Martinez

Strawberry, vanilla and butter pecan ice creams are good any time of year, but unusual flavors from San Antonio ice cream shops are  intriguing — if not sometimes just plain weird.

One we like currently is the trendy ButterBeer at Amy’s Ice Cream, a reference to a drink that the young wizards in Hogwarts consume, at times to their detriment.

So, keep your cool and try these ice creams with a difference. Keep in mind that when stores make their ice creams in-house, they can’t offer all flavors all the time. If there is a particular one you want, call ahead to see if that’s what they’re making that week.

Guinness Beer and, from Harry Potter, ButterBeer

Amy's Ice Cream's Tommy Deibel scoops up a big serving of Butter Beer, an ice cream flavor created specifically for young wizards from Hogwarts (or for their very good friends).

Guinness Stout is not only found in bars or at the grocery store. These days it is also found at Amy’s Ice Cream.

Although Amy’s Ice Creams is known for its unusual flavors, the Guinness flavor seems to ruffle many customers’ feathers.  Some are taken aback by such and odd idea, says manager Drew Garza.

“But once they try it they can’t believe how well beer and cream complement one another,” he says.

Guinness is a bestseller, but it isn’t always on the chalkboard of options. The last time we checked, it was not available.

But, for Harry Potter fans, Amy’s has developed ButterBeer.  We’re not sure what it was in drink form when served to the young wizards at Hogwarts. At Amy’s, though, it’s a mixture of Shiner Bock, sweet butter, butterscotch and Apple Schnapps, says ice cream scooper Tommy Deibel. Not everyone knows the connection to the sensationally popular series of books and movies, but plenty of people like it, he says.

Other ice cream flavors based on Harry Potter characters are also being made by Amy’s, according to their website. Watch for them.

As for the Guinness ice cream, Garza says that some customers can’t get over the fact that beer is in the mix. But, “once they get over it they’re surprised at how well the beer and cream work together,” he says.

Amy’s Ice Cream
255 E. Basse Road
210- 832-8886

Cream Cheese and Jelly Ice Cream

Cream cheese and jelly aren’t just for crackers anymore. At Justin’s Ice Cream Co., cream cheese and grape jelly have joined forces and morphed into a popular ice cream flavor that intrigues and satisfies many. According to manager Dale Johnson, most people enjoy the flavor but there are some that just can’t get over the fact that it’s cream cheese and jelly.

“Some think it is going to taste gross,” says Johnson. “When that happens I put a sample in their face and some people really like it and some can’t get past the fact that it is cream cheese and jelly,” he says.

Justin’s Ice Cream Co.
245 E. Commerce St.
(210) 222-2707

Lemon Basil Gelato

Lemon and basil are not only perfect summer flavors for savory dishes but for desserts as well. Da Vinci Gelato & Caffe owner Virginia Santiago created a lemon basil gelato for her shop.

“Lemon Basil is one of our most unusual flavors right now,” says Santiago.  “I always watch the food channels for new ideas and we work with a lot of chefs around San Antonio. Sometimes customers are hesitant, and we tell them it is really good. Then they try it and they love it!”

Da Vinci Gelato & Caffe
18720 Stone Oak Parkway
210- 545-6686

Bacon Walnut Ice Cream

Is mixing bacon and ice cream together wrong?  The folks at Brindles Awesome Ice Creams don’t think so. The Bacon Walnut Ice Cream – a mixture of a maple-based ice cream and caramelized bacon – is a top-seller that was inspired by a local chef who had created her own bacon-infused dessert. So what does such a creation taste like?

According to manager James Whitson, most customers’ reaction is: “Yep, tastes like bacon.”

“Our Bacon Walnut is a maple-based ice cream that we add caramelized bacon to and mix with brown sugar and walnuts. Customers either are going to love it or hate not. Most people aren’t used to having big chunks of protein in their ice cream. It sells very quickly actually,” says Whitson.

The Bacon Walnut Ice Cream is not always available. Call ahead to check.

Brindles Awesome Ice Creams
11255 Huebner Road
210- 641-5222

For a taste of ice cream as it was made in the 19th century, click here.


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