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‘Fearless Critic’ Launch Saturday at the Twig

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Local food writer and restaurant critic Ron Bechtol will be on hand Saturday to sign copies of “Fearless Critic,” the San Antonio edition at the Twig bookstore, at the Pearl Brewery.

Bechtol is listed as editor, along with a panel of local chefs, critics, wine enthusiasts and others who contributed to the year-long process of developing this comprehensive look at the local dining scene.  (John Griffin and Bonnie Walker, editors of SavorSA, are also listed contributors.)

This is the newest in the tell-it-like-it-is series, which, in addition to covering four of the state’s dining meccas — Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio — also publishes guides to places as diverse as Seattle, Portland. Washington DC and New Haven.

“The appearance of the San Antonio Fearless guide only confirms what we have known all along — that the city has a thriving dining scene, one worthy of serious critical scrutiny,” says Bechtol.

The signing will be from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the Twig. The series editors are Robin Goldstein and Alexis Herschkowitsch. The book is selling for $12.95.  Fearless Critic is planning to publish updates and new reviews on its website and has launched an iPhone app, now available for download.


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