Get Your Wine Glasses Clean with the Right Pair of Gloves

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If you don’t have special wine glasses or friends who have invested a small fortune in the same, you may want to skip this post.

But if you have plunked down a chunk of change on some really good glasses, you know that putting them in the dishwasher can cause spots that don’t easily wash away. Plus, the stems on some are just too fragile for some machines.

That means the thrill of having fine wine glasses brings the chore of having to wash and dry them by hand. That, too, can be a slight problem because of how thin the bowls can be.

That’s where The Original Dish Drying Gloves come in. Slide your hands in and slip them into the bowl of the glass and you’ll be surprised at how quickly the glass is dried, and without any fingerprints or smudges.

The secret is supposedly the absorbency of the material used, which the manufacturer, Schroeder & Tremayne, says can hold three times its weight in water. How many glasses that would be I haven’t a guess, but in a few tests, I’ve been pleased at how quickly and thoroughly I’ve been able to dry my glasses. I haven’t tried them on other dishes yet. I may just grab another pair for that.

Caring for them is easy. Just wash them separately in cold water. And I love anything that bears the words: “Do not iron.” (Not that I would iron dish towels.)

Pay attention to a few other words on the label, too: “The Original Dish Drying Gloves should not be used as a potholder or oven mitt.”

The gloves sell for $9.50 a pair at the Boerne Wine Company, 302 S. Main St., Boerne. Call (830) 331-9424.

Why go to all this trouble, you ask? Because top wine glasses are engineered to showcase wine at their best. And if you’re going to drink great wine, you should be drinking it from a great (and spot-free) wine glass.


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