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Beer of the Week: St. Peter’s Old-Style Porter

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St. Peter's Old-Style Porter

Editors’ note: We’re inaugurating a new feature, Beer of the Week, which is sponsored by the Lion & Rose. Each week, we’ll introduce you to a new brew that’s a little bit different and well worth seeking out. 

St. Peter’s Old-Style Porter

Porter may be a winter warmer, but once you get lost in an air-conditioned oasis from the heat, you’ll welcome this robust, complex beauty from Great Britain.

The packaging is prime, a green 500 milliliter in a shape that takes you back to an earlier era, perhaps not as far back as the brewery site’s history, as recounted on the label, but it is definitely not modern. It seems the the buildings go back to the time of Henry VIII while the well from which the water used is said to be sourced is even older.

None of that matters once you get the first whiff of the dark beer’s bold aromas that are both woodsy and filled with cocoa powder. The St. Peter’s website claims it is made from a mixture of “a mature old ale with a younger light beer,”  but that offers no picture of the great range of flavors to be had, from fruit to coffee, before leading to a seductive vanilla finish. It also has a great mouthfeel that is neither too sticky heavy, which you might think given its almost impenetrable darkness, nor too watery.

This is a beer that bartender Kelly Vinton of the Lion & Rose at 700 E. Sonterra Blvd. likes to recommend to beer lovers looking for something definitely different. And by beer lovers, she isn’t referring to the Corona set. This is not a beer to be chugged. It’s to be sipped and shared with friends (remember, that bottle is 500 milliliters).

Try this porter with seafood, a steak or even dessert. Try it and you’ll want to try the rest of the St. Peter’s lineup, which we will be introducing you to in the coming weeks. At the Lion & Rose, the pint plus-sized bottle is priced at $10.


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