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Ajuúa a Fun Place to Kick Back and Relax

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Ajuua's Tortilla Soup

When Ajuúa Mexican Restaurant opened on Huebner Road several years back, the restaurant made a name for itself because of its colorful interior and relaxed atmosphere. It  was a great place to lounge on the patio over a margarita and enjoy life. It didn’t hurt that the food was good, too.

I hadn’t been back since the opening, so I thought I’d drop in for a quick dinner.  Sure enough, the setting was still bold and beautiful, though I don’t remember a TV set or two in the dining room, which I find a distraction and others find a necessity.

Another distraction was the margarita, which was so sweet that I could hardly drink it — even with an extra three or four slices of lime squeezed into it. I can image the majority of the San Antonio, sweet tea-drinking population loving this, but it’s not the traditional blend of tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice that made this cocktail famous. (There was no sweet-and-sour in the original versions, no agave nectar, no Sprite. And I long for the day when I can get a margarita  with only those three ingredients in it.)

Fajitas a la Rajas

The food made up for the unpleasant cocktail. Before my appetizer arrived, I indulged in a good helping of house-made chips with a salsa that had a lively kick to it. That’s always a great way to begin, and it’s even better when the salsa can be used later in the meal, which I did.

I started off with a good cup of tortilla soup filled with plenty of fresh avocado and Mexican cheese under the crisp tortilla strips and a hearty chicken stock.

For the main course, I couldn’t resist the call of beef and chicken fajitas topped with a creamy poblano sauce with a little tang of white wine in it. The flavorful sauce held up better than I would have thought on a sizzling cast iron skillet by not separating and by properly coating the meat. The Fajitas a la Rajas also had poblano strips, mushrooms and onions mixed in with the meat for added flavor. Everything  worked hard to cover up a rather perfunctory, dull chicken breast. (I know, “dull” and “chicken breast” are redundant in most restaurants nowadays. It’s one reason I generally avoid it or order it only when it comes with beef or some other meat.)

Freshly made guacamole, plenty of pico de gallo, handmade corn tortillas, decent borrachos and a fairly good rice helped make some tasty tacos and a most enjoyable meal.

Ajuúa Mexican Restaurant
11703 Huebner Road
(210) 877-0600
Lunch and dinner Monday-Saturday

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2 Responses to “Ajuúa a Fun Place to Kick Back and Relax”

  1. c metz says:

    We went there 4 or 5 times around 2006. It was pretty good at first.

    I later met someone who was one of their managers and had quit because he said that they had begun ordering frozen from Sysco instead of cooking in house. It was definitely not as good after that.

    • John Griffin says:

      Thanks for writing. That will happen to places. That’s why it’s good to go back to places and let them know so we can all work on keeping them on their toes.