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Johnny Hernandez Has His Eye on the North and South Sides of Town

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Chef Johnny Hernandez

When Johnny Hernandez opened La Gloria Ice House at the Pearl Brewery, he quickly found himself the center of attention from many foodies for his lively take on Mexican street food. Now, the restaurateur and caterer has his eyes set on both the north and south sides of town.

In the spring, he plans on opening a fruiteria in the 1400 block of South Flores, near the Steel House Lofts. It will be open for three meals a day and offer an array of treats to the public.

Breakfast will include fruit, yogurt, granola and the like, Hernandez says, while lunch will includes sandwiches and tacos. Dinner will include more substantial plates.

Within the next 30 days, he intends to break ground on a new project in the Stone Oak area. He said he has a five-acre plot near the Mormon temple that will allow him to create a park he’s calling Los Portales. It will include a more sit-down version of La Gloria as well as a mercado where people can buy take-out versions of everything from guisadas and carnitas to ice creams.

There will also be a large plaza and a greenspace (drought forbidding, we know) that people can enjoy in addition to the restaurant and market.

Plans are for Los Portales to open in about a year.

For more information on La Gloria, 100 E. Grayson St., click here.

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