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SavorSA Dresses Up, Courtesy J 12 Designs

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As anyone in business knows, it’s not easy to freshen up a look for a web page and design a logo — these are things that need to please everyone but not, in the process, drive the designer nuts. At least not in any permanent way.

SavorSA asked James Lewis, Jr., at J 12 Designs to help us spruce up the look —and we’re happy with the results.

We wanted him to add some contemporary style to the page (a WordPress template) that was casual but not clunky. We also wanted a logo that said San Antonio, food, and fun all in one small badge. Lewis came with some experience in the web world of food, having done work for Culinaria and Silo Elevated Cuisine 1604.

Lewis gives much credit for the logo to designer Michael Karshis (HMK).

“He was the brains behind the new logo,” Lewis says. “Michael is a close friend and mentor who is a creative gun for hire. His work is all over San Antonio and I was there to guide him in the process for the new SavorSA look and feel.”

After getting his bachelor’s in fine arts at the University of the Incarnate Word, Lewis joined Rackspace Managed Hosting where he says he “jumped right in” to website design and maintenance.

“I started working with a small but highly talented team, troubleshooting, designing, and promoting Rackspace, which is today one of the largest web hosting companies in the world,” Lewis says.  During the past 12 years, in addition to Rackspace, he has created websites for the San Antonio Spurs, Rosario’s Cafe y Cantina, Silo Elevated Cuisine and more.

“What separates me from the rest of the pack is my experience working with some of the brightest minds at Rackspace.” says Lewis.

“Working with people like Todd Morey and Jonathan Byrce helped me understand how to build a good website.  Aside from being grounded in the web hosting environment,  I have also had the opportunity to work with great designers like Michael Karshis.  Working side by side with creative gurus helps me think not only outside the box, but also about why the box exists. It’s not good enough to just make something cool. Anyone can make something cool. Good design is when you make the complicated seem simple,” he says.

James recently opened his own design studio downtown at 100 Taylor St, Ste 101. Check out some of his designs at the links below. Contact him at J 12 Designs, 210-722-4088.


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2 Responses to “SavorSA Dresses Up, Courtesy J 12 Designs”

  1. Karen B. says:

    Congratulations on the new logo and spruced up web site. It looks wonderful!!!