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Lange Estate Pinot Noir Is Lush Yet Elegant

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Lange Estate Winery and Vineyards Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2009

Fact: Lange Estate uses Pinot Noir grapes from all over its vineyards to make this wine, which has been bottled with a screw cap.

Twist it open and pour a taste into your glass. The garnet color, translucent in the glass, is what you’ll notice first. Then welcome bright red fruit on the nose with a small touch of earth and cocoa powder.

One taste will fill your mouth with the flavors of Bing cherries and ripe raspberries, cranberries, a hint of warm spices, with both earthy and mineral qualities in the mix, all of which give the wine a lush quality that’s filtered by the elegance that is a hallmark of good Pinot Noir. The finish lingers with a silky whisper.

Though two years old, this Oregon wine seemed a little young and tight upon opening, so you may want to let it air a bit.

The wine sells for about $17 a bottle at Costco.

Feeling:It’s hard to describe how a good Oregonian Pinot Noir makes you feel, other than happy. That’s the gift this wine imparts while there’s still some in the bottle.

Have it with stuffed mushrooms or pork meatballs and let that little giddy feeling continue.

For best results, chill this down to about 55 to 60 degrees (French cellar temperature and the correct temperature for all Pinot Noirs, if not all red wines). Then enjoy.

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