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A Few Tasty Bites from Around Town

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Here are few highlights from some restaurant visits around town:

Pzole at Ocho.

Pozole at Ocho

The cooler temperatures we’ve had this week have brought thoughts of a nice, warm bowls of soup. What could be more comforting that a pork-based pozole with plenty of hominy in it. Jason Garcia at Ocho in the Hotel Havana, 1015 Navarro St., doesn’t stop there. He serves his with plenty of red cabbage, onions, cilantro and, of course, radishes on the side that you can garnish to suit your tastes. Plus, there’s a slice of lime to give this Southwestern favorite an extra tingle.




Tacos al Pastor at Paloma Blanca

Tacos al Pastor at Paloma Blanca

Mexican street food doesn’t get much better than these mini-tacos topped with marinated pork and slivers of grilled pineapple at Paloma Blanca, 5800 Broadway. On the side are onions, cilantro and lime to give it an extra kick. Plus, you have your choice of the roasted and the fresh salsas that come with your chips or the smoky Salsa de la SeƱora.


Moroccan Chicken at Candlelight Coffeehouse

Moroccan Chicken at Candlelight Coffeehouse

Chicken breast nowadays has become the dullest of meats, when left on its own. Not so in this dish at Candlelight Coffeehouse, 3011 N. St. Mary’s St. Strips of chicken breast are lightly cooked with vegetables, such as red bell pepper and zucchini in some spicy oil before being tossed with fettuccine and a light curry blend. What that has to do with Morocco is inconsequential. What matters is the taste, which is comforting. Have it with a pot of one of the house tea blends for a relaxing evening.


A few treats from Choicolate

Chocolates from Choicolate

What better way to conclude a meal than with a decadent morsel of chocolate? The beautiful and bold candies from Choicolate, 700 E. Sonterra Blvd., come in a variety of colors and flavors, including mango habanero, hazelnut latte, salted caramel and Earl Grey. At this independent shop, the candies are all crafted by hand using no preservatives.

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