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Enchiladas, BBQ — and Really Good Onion Rings

Enchiladas, BBQ — and Really Good Onion Rings

A bistec (beef steak) taquito, left, and bean and cheese.

Frigid weather or not, we took some trips around town this week and found a couple of gems out on the casual eating trail.

First, we headed over to Taqueria y Fruteria Los 3 Hermanos, 3206 West Ave., which we’d been hearing about for some time. This is not a fancy establishment, a little ways north of Basse Road, but the building has a history of housing some good taqueria/fruterias.

Los 3 Hermanos makes everything fresh, and we enjoyed a steak taquito topped with chopped onion and cilantro, served with fresh lime and a couple of bottles of red (kind of hot) and green (hotter) table salsas in clean, cool plastic bottles. The horchata (milky almond drink with sugar and cinnamon) was like having dessert in a glass; and we took it out to the car with us, cranked up the heater and enjoyed the horchata on the drive home.

Mexican queso fresca and a thin, warm chile sauce make a delicious difference in these enchiladas.

The real treat here, though, was the platter of Mexican style enchiladas. Thin corn tortilla (white, not red) dipped in a thin red chile sauce, was wrapped snugly around some creamy white queso fresco. More queso on top, with a side garnish of fried potatoes and carrots, tasting like they’d been fried witha bit of chorizo, made it filling and delicious. It’s what we’ll go back for.

There are other tacos, tortas, tostadas, breakfast plates and so forth on the menu.

Wednesday was just a bit warmer, so we headed further afield to check out the new Big Lou’s Burgers and BBQ. This restaurant is close to it’s big-sister establishment not far away.

Brisket from Big Lou's Burgers & Barbecue: smoky and tender.

Big Lou’s Pizza has a good reputation, so we had great expectations for the burger joint, which is at 2014 W.W. White Road. We weren’t disappointed. Even the quarter-pound burger seemed to have a little extra heft, and the Cheddar cheese melted on top was the real thing. We asked for a small taste of the brisket and almost changed our burger order. It was tender, smoky and good, a little fatty, but I prefer that to dry. And, it had a good pink smoke line and lovely, dark exterior.

Onion rings aren’t the traditional accompaniment to brisket, but this is exactly what I’ll order when I go back. Crisp, lightly battered onion rings, made with fresh onion and served very hot are certainly not an everyday treat. But, when you do order them, this is just what you want. We love DeWese’s Tip Top Cafe’s onion rings, but as a police officer said on his way out of  Big Lou’s as we were coming in, “Those onion rings give Tip Top’s a run for their money.”

Hot, crisp, tender onion rings and steak fries from Big Lou's Burgers & BBQ.





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