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Anticipate a Great New Year at Sandy Oaks

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The Christmas and New Year season is a time that we often express the hope for peace.

The olive tree is a symbol of peace — and there is no better place to find oneĀ  (from a choice of many varieties that grow well here) than the nursery at Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard.

Sandy Oaks, a 25-minute-drive from downtown San Antonio (I-37 to Hardy Road exit) to Elmendorf, will be open Saturday until 2 p.m. offering trees as well as olives, olive oil and olive products at the new gift shop.

For extra good luck, try some of chef Cathy Tarasovic’s black-eyed peas. And, pick up some of Sandy Oaks’ special, fair-trade coffee blend for a good start to the new year.

For more information on what is offered at the olive orchard, and for directions to Sandy Oaks, click here. Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard is at 25195 Mathis Road.

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