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Beer of the Week: Lindemans Pomme Lambic

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Beer of the Week is sponsored by the Lion & Rose. Each week, we introduce you to a wonderful brew that’s a little bit different and well worth seeking out.




Lindemans Pomme Lambic

Pomme is French for apple. So, guess what the flavor of this beer is? Yes, it is a beer, not a hard cider.

This is a Belgium lambic from the same company that makes the spectacular Framboise, or raspberry beer, that we wrote about a few months ago.

It’s also a beer that many won’t recognize at first sip as a beer. That’s because of the dominant apple flavor. But give a second sip and you’ll notice a touch of floral, bitter hops in the mix. Yup, it’s beer all right.

But first, take note of the summery golden yellow color as you pour it into a glass. A hefty foam builds up quickly, but dissipates almost as quickly into a thin strand around the edge. But as you pour it, your nose is greeted by a hefty dose of fresh, tart apple, such as the Granny Smith on the label or a Fuji.

The robust apple flavor carries over to the taste, but there’s more. The hops flavor I mentioned is there, as is a lively citrus tang, a bracing sweetness and even a touch of pear mixing with the caramel-tinged malt. Imagine an adult candy apple in liquid form.

The fizz of this medium-bodied treat is crisp and clean on the palate, leading to a pleasantly dry finish.

Because it’s such a sweet treat, the Lindemans Pomme would be best with a dessert. At the Lion and Rose, the best choice would be the Yank’s Apple Pie with a welcome touch of cinnamon and a scoop of Blue Bell Vanilla. The Pear William Cake with vanilla chiffon cake and Bavarian pear mousse would also be good, while the Sticky Toffee Pudding with its toffee sauce would also cozy up to it nicely.

Or just grab an apple and taste how it compares with the lambic. Enjoy.


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