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Cooking with Guac: Enter Olé Avocado Contest to Win $500

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If you love guacamole (and we are pretty sure you do!) the Super (Guac) Bowl is coming up.

Olé Avocado is running contest to find the official “Guac Guru.” If you submit the winning recipe plus a short (50-word) essay, you can win $500 toward a Super Bowl party. Enter here.

All entries must be received by Jan. 27.  Check out Olé Avocado in the refrigerator section at local H-E-B stores for the pre-made guacamole.

Like to make your own? So do we. Here are our favorite tips for making, plus a recipe from Olé Avocado for its Guac & Rock Margarita.

Our tips for good guacamole:

• Buy avocados a couple of days early that are just a bit firmer than you want. Leave them out on a kitchen counter (direct sun not necessary) and by the time you want to use them, they will be just right.

• You can cut a brown spot or two out of the avocado if you find them, but what really matters is the taste. Taste the avocado before you add it to the bowl — if it tastes off (to us that is kind of a bacon-y taste, and not in a good way). Then, don’t use it.

• Leaving the pit in an avocado or in your guacamole doesn’t make it stay green. Two things we do: Squeeze in fresh lime or lemon juice, a tablespoon or so per medium-large avocado. This helps. Also, squeeze some more citrus on top, then cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until serving time.

• Good additions (our opinion, of course!) are freshly mashed garlic; onion juice – shave knife across cut half of onion for this, and add a teaspoon or so. Minced onion tends to get soggy, as do diced tomatoes; olive oil – a teaspoonful or two of a good, acidic evoo does wonders for guac. Just trust us on this! Also, minced serrano chiles, just a little without seeds and some finely minced, fresh cilantro. Salt, a touch of white pepper. This is our purist version. We also like the Chili’s variation, which we developed a version of. Sometimes, we’ll also add a tablespoon or so of Herdez Salsa Verde.

• Additions we don’t use: Cottage cheese, chopped tomatoes (love tomatoes, consider dicing and serving alongside); mayonnaise, big hunks of cut up onion.

Olé Avocado’s Guac-N-Rock Margarita

Juice of 1 lime
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoons sugar
Juice of 1/4 orange
3-4 ice cubes
1/4 cup water
1 1/2 ounces tequila
1/2 ounce Triple Sec
2 tablespoons Olé Avocado

Rim large margarita glass with juice from orange wedge and roll in salt/sugar blend. Blend other ingredients and pour in prepared glass. Garnish with another wedge or slice of orange. Serve icy cold.

Makes 1 margarita

From Olé Avocado

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