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Saveur Singles Out San Antonio’s Tex-Mex

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Chili and cheese doused enchiladas, fajita tacos -- San Antonio specialties.

Saveur’s annual January-February issue hits newsstands today and includes the annual the 100 list: 100 places, people and things that the editors fell in love with over the previous year. And San Antonio’s Tex-Mex has landed at a high No. 8.

This year’s theme is editor’s picks, which they’ve dubbed the “New Classics.” The items can be as general as whisks, as nostalgic as old Gourmet magazine issues, or as timely as memorable dishes from recent travels. That makes San Antonio’s inclusion in the top 10 all the more noteworthy.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau were happy with the designation. “We’re so pleased with this great result from ongoing efforts to promote San Antonio as a culinary destination,” said Eva Aivaliotis, senior communications assistant. “Saveur is a crown jewel in terms of culinary media, and we are proud that our work resulted in this great exposure! Our beloved Tex-Mex is still embraced and loved by many. Sometimes we forget that some of our favorite local staples are a novelty to others outside the area. It remains one of those iconic, comfort-food cuisines. Saveur called it ‘bighearted cooking.’ I think they pretty much summed up the city’s soul right there.”

So, go out and celebrate the city’s great culinary tradition. Try a new taqueria or sample a combination plate you’ve never eaten before.

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