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Stacy’s Introduces Simply Cocoa Pita Chips

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Stacy's Simply Cocoa

Just in time for Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day both comes Stacy’s Simply Cocoa Pita Chips, a limited-time-only flavor.

As lovers of pita chips already know, Stacy’s makes some of the best pita chips on the market. But the best have always been the Simply Naked chips, those without flavor, while the others, such as Parmesan Garlic and Herb, can taste a little less than natural.

So, what besides cocoa is in these chips? That’s what I wanted to know before trying them — or any other new product. The list includes, in order, enriched wheat flour, oil, sugar, organic cane sugar, cocoa powder, semi-sweet chocolate, sea salt, and and a few other ingredients that you can pronounce.

What does that mean when you taste it? It means that you get a good hit of cocoa, sweet and wheat with a nice dose of salt for balance.

These could be addictive. Think of an adult version of a chocolate cereal. You could probably even add milk or spread Nutella on it.

Just don’t eat more than seven of them. Otherwise, you’ll be consuming more than one serving, which means too many carbs or calories. And you’ll love every moment of it.

A 7 1/3-ounce bag sells for about $1.99 at Sprouts.



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