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Trader Joe’s Seeking SA Store Manager

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That headline just about says it all. If you go to Trader Joe’s website, and find your way to the job postings, there is an opening listed for store manager, location San Antonio. Also, for Houston and Dallas. (click here)

SavorSA has been having a great time pestering TraderJoesList on Twitter for the past couple of weeks to bring us a Trader Joe’s. We’d heard they were opening several Austin stores, and really, that just didn’t seem right! Does Austin have a Culinary Institute of America branch? No. Do they have a Pearl Brewery? No.

We’d heard for a couple of years that TJs was planning a store in the Quarry Market, and that still seems to be the speculation. But we don’t like to leave things at speculation (as much as we love to speculate!).

Here’s what the post says about the job, in case anyone wishes to apply. Location says San Antonio. Pay is “$40,000-$70,000 depending upon experience and qualifications”. Interestingly, no job postings appeared on the site for Austin store managers.

The store originated in Southern California and now has around 350 stores in the country. In past conversations with company employees, I was told the problems they had moving into Texas had to do with our alcoholic beverage laws. Trader Joe’s sells beer and wine.

From the website: “Trader Joe’s is unlike any other place you’ve ever worked. Trust us. We simply have no room for bureaucracy… all Crew Members support our stores to assist in the delivery of great products and experiences to our customers.

We have as few layers of management as possible, and welcome dynamic retail managers (from the Assistant Manager to District Manager level) to join our Crew as Mates.  A “Mate” is a salaried member of the store management team.  Each store has one Captain (that’s what we call our Store Managers around here) and multiple Mates.  Have your sights set on Captain?  Great!  We promote exclusively from within.”

Stay posted, we’ll look forward to updating information as soon as we get it. And, thanks to our Twitter friend, Sarah Loyd, for sending out the initial tweet!

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