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The Next Cocktail Conference Is in the Works

The Next Cocktail Conference Is in the Works

The Cocktail Conference returns next January.

The first San Antonio Cocktail Conference so successful that plans are already under way for the next one. Dates have been set for Jan. 24-27, so mark your calendars and get those taxi company numbers ready on your speed-dial.

We already reported that the conference raised enough money to help two children in need of heart surgery under the auspices of the local charity, HeartGift.

But the conference also generated some goodwill for the city.

Colleen Graham from had great things to say about the city, Texas spirits and more in a preliminary review. She promises more in future postings, but it’s great to see some national press finally pick up on what those of us in town already knew: That our food scene is great. She writes: “Though I was in San Antonio for cocktails, I have to say that this city has impressed me beyond many others in my travels when it came to food. Whether it was the quick breakfast or lunch at one of the small delis or dinner on the River Walk or the phenomenal steaks at Bohanan’s, this is a city that knows it’s food. Seriously, go there with an appetite and a thirst and you will not be disappointed.”

For more on the Cocktail Conference, click here.

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