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Just Get to the Point

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Denise Aguirre owns the Point Park and Eats on Boerne Stage Road with Noel Cisneros.

Denise Aguirre and her partner, Noel Cisneros, recently opened the Point Park and Eats, “an artsy-eatsy kinda place,” at 24118 Boerne Stage Road.

A customer stops at Kitchen Fusionz for an Asian-flavored snack.

The art is inside the old house on the property. The walls display pieces while the vending machine is loaded with art objects you can buy for $5 apiece.

The eats are food trucks that fill the parking area on one side. Mexican huaraches, Kobe beef burgers, fried rice and egg rolls, you name it and you’ll likely find it from one of the vendors parked in the lot. And you can eat the food in a large outdoor space filled with colorful chairs and under a serene canopy of trees.

On the side of the house facing the trucks, you’ll also find a drink stand where Aguirre and others are selling beer and wine, the sales of which cover the costs involved in operating the place. The special Blanco brew, Firemans #4 from Real Ale, is on tap, and there’s a fruity sangria if you’re looking for something to kick back with on a summer evening.

We talked with Aguirre about her plans for the park, including wine classes on the first Wednesday of the month.

SavorSA: Where did the idea for the park come about?

Denise Aguirre: I’ve always wanted to open a bar. When we would hang out in Austin, we would see the food truck parks and knew it would make sense to incorporate that into the bar idea. There weren’t really any San Antonio trucks at the time, but we figured it would eventually catch on.

Fish tacos and fries from Skinny Cat Catering.

SSA: How long have you been working on the project?

DA: In early 2010 our ideas turned into serious discussions and plans. In July 2010, I started looking for locations and worked with a couple of Realtors. One location fell through in the September/October time frame. We then found the Boerne Stage Road property and almost bought it, but someone beat us to it. The guy who ended up buying it called us and asked if we wanted to lease it. It was a sign! We signed the lease in January, then all the red tape bureaucracy started with the city and the county.

SSA: Why incorporate art?

DA: I’m not an artist — wish I was. So, all I can do is live vicariously through them. We attend First Friday quite often and the annual Southwest School of Arts Fair, and we love the vibe and energy from that type of environment. Luckily when we found the Boerne Stage property, the house was a perfect setting. It just fell into place. I want to be surrounded by creative people. Food in itself is an art, and I’m really inspired by what the chefs create. It just seems to be a natural fit.

An asada-filled torta from Texasada Mexican Street Food.

SSA: How many different trucks have you had visit so far and do you know who is scheduled for the coming weekend?

DA: MARS Mobile Kitchen, Bistro Six, Kitchen Fusionz, Texasada Mexican Street Food, Fat Bellies Cajun, Skinny Cat Catering, Crepe Nation, Chelas Tacos and Blazing Burgers have all visited the park.

Friday (tonight) we have: MARS, Kitchen Fusionz, Skinny Cat, Fat Bellies and Crepe Nation. Saturday: MARS, Kitchen Fusionz, Texasada and Fat Bellies. Sunday: Blazing Burgers and Kitchen Fusionz.

SSA: Next Wednesday, and on the first Wednesday of the month thereafter, you’re starting up a wine education program. What can you tell us about that?

DA: I’m still working out the details with my wine rep. She is on vacation and won’t be back until later in the week. Basically, I have asked her to come educate our guests on a different aspect of wine. That part will be free. We will sample 4-5 wines. There will be a fee for that. I will be selling the limited edition art poster and a bottle of wine for $25 (the wine is to be determined). The tasting fee will go toward the $25 bottle purchase. MARS Mobile Kitchen will be at the park that evening and has prepared a menu that will complement the wine we are sampling.

The Point has featured trucks offering everything from Cajun cuisine to tacos and burgers.

SSA: How are people the neighborhood reacting to the Point?

DA: One hundred percent of the guests I spoke to love it! They were all from the community and they were all just waiting for us to open. It was very encouraging to know they supported us and were happy to have us here. They love having a place in their backyard that they can call their own. It’s their hangout place. We already have regular customers in just two weekends! One of our new friends, Craig Harley, even displayed an art piece inside. We had people ride their bikes in, jog in and even walk from their neighborhoods. In one case, a guy even hopped his fence to get to the park. That is exactly the goal I set out to accomplish.

For more information on the Point Park and Eats, click here.


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