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Beer of the Week: Blanche de Bruxelles

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Beer of the Week is sponsored by the Lion & Rose. Each week, we introduce you to a wonderful brew that’s a little bit different and well worth seeking out.





Blanche de Bruxelles

It’s a good thing Carly Simon wasn’t a Blanche de Bruxelles drinker back when she wrote “You’re So Vain,” or we might all have been singing, “I had some dreams, they were clouds in my beer.”

There certainly are clouds in this beer, clouds of yeast that swirl around with each sip.

The unfiltered brew from Belgium, a white or weiss beer (or “Witteke,” according to the beer’s website), can be had on tap at the Lion and Rose or you might be able to find it in the bottle. I had a pint with dinner the other night. When the glass arrived at the table, the head had already settled into a nice lace at the top, which also boasted a slice of lemon.

That spritz of lemon added to the lively orange peel and coriander aromas mixed with wheat and a touch of hops and a faint sense of clove.

The hoppy element becomes more prominent on the palate, as a bitterness with a twinge of freshly mown grass is evident, along with the same notes of orange, spice and wheat. Nothing is particularly strong, everything seems to work together in harmony as it slides down easily to a clean, dry finish.

In other words, waitress, bring another.

If you want to pair this with food, think of dishes as light as the beer. At the Lion and Rose, bangers and mash would work well, with the nutmeg of the sausages sidling up nicely to that hint of clove. Begger’s Pouches, pasta with four types of cheese, would also be perfect, as would the King William’s Turkey BLT or the Vegetarian Pita.

Whatever you choose, be sure to welcome the clouds in your beer. You’ll love the rustic texture that comes with the flavor.


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