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Olive Orchard Chef Shares Delicious Plans for Weeks Ahead

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Chef Scott Grimmitt and his son, Salem.

W. Scott Grimmitt, the new chef at Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard, has some great things planned for visitors this summer, including a new series of lunches in July, which will be offered Wednesday-Saturday each week.

Working at Sandy Oaks has been good for the chef, who loves being able to use the wealth of ingredients grown and raised in the area in his cooking, including Sandy Oaks’ robust, aromatic olive oil.

In the video, he talks about his first Passport dinner, with an Australia theme, at Sandy Oaks, the setting and his plans for the future.

For the first dinner, he got some support from a chef-in-training, his son, Salem.

The next time you visit Sandy Oaks, 25195 Mathis Road, Elmendorf, you can check out the new gift shop as well as the array of olive plants for sale and the livestock, which include a new baby calf.

A young calf at Sandy Oak is curious about the camera, but not enough to stop drinking.




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