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How Many Egg Rolls Can You Eat in Two Minutes?

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How many egg rolls can you eat?

No soy sauce or sweet and sour sauce, just egg roll after egg roll.

Think you’ve got a stomach for an unlimited number of egg rolls? Then you might want to consider entering the egg roll eating contest that China Garden, 801 S. Presa St., sponsors on a regular basis.

The latest was held during the July First Friday, when free beer and live music were available for the crowd while 15 contestants stuffed their faces with as many egg rolls as they could muster in two minutes. the group was made up of men and women of all ages.

When you’re eating as quickly as possible, it’s amazing how long two minutes can be. But at the end of 120 seconds, the winner, Damian, had consumed nine egg rolls and there was tie for second between two men, Abel and P.J., the latter of whom won a spring roll eating runoff.

The fewest anyone ate was two, which I could probably reflect without realizing it. Ad that means I should probably sign up for the next contest.

All ages take part in the egg roll eating contest.


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