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Slow-Scrambled Eggs with Peppato Cheese and Chèvre

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Peppato Cheese is available at H-E-B, and was I ever glad to see it. It is dry Sonoma Jack cheese with peppercorns. If you haven’t chased down the original dry Sonoma Jack in Sonoma, Calif., you might want to remember it for your next trip to the wine country there. But the version I picked up at the Lincoln Heights H-E-B was delicious and worked quite well for the purpose of these scrambled eggs.

Slow-Scrambled Eggs with Peppato and Chevre

These are company-worthy, romantic breakfast-worthy, home alone, self-indulgent feast-worthy. (Which was my situation this weekend when my husband headed out of town for a high school class reunion.)

What inspired this dish, though, was the fact that I had on hand fresh eggs, the Peppato, some herbed goat cheese and a brand new jar of pungent black truffle salt — as well as a thriving pot of onion chives growing on the patio. Put it all together and it’s quite a nice way to start a day.

Slow-Scrambled Eggs with Peppato Cheese and Chèvre

1 tablespoon unsalted butter
2 large eggs, well-whisked
1 teaspoon freshly cut onion chives
2 ounces grated Peppato cheese (dry Sonoma Jack with black peppercorns) or an aged Gruyère
Two pinches of black truffle salt, divided use
1-2 tablespoons black pepper or herbed goat cheese (chèvre), divided

Melt the butter in an omelet pan over low heat. Whisk the eggs, add the chives, the grated Peppato or Gruyère, a pinch of black truffle salt and half of the chèvre that you are using and whisk some more.

Turn the heat just a little higher, turn the pan this way and that to be sure the butter coats the bottom and comes up a little ways on the sides of the pan. Pour in the eggs. With a spatula, stir them gently as they cook so they don’t stick to the pan. When they are set up, but still quite wet, push them onto the plate with the spatula and right away top with a round or crescent of the goat cheese. Scatter the second pinch of the truffled salt over the top. Serve.

Makes 1 serving.

From Bonnie Walker


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