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Dine, Learn about Olives and Lebanon at Sandy Oaks Dinner

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Sandy Oaks Passport Adventure dinners are set in the Orchard’s spacious main barn area — which houses the Italian olive press.

If you are looking for a dining adventure that is out of the ordinary but excellent, one is coming up this Friday.

The country of Lebanon is known for its delicious foods, and Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard chef Scott Grimmitt will be showcasing Lebanese dishes in five courses.

This is the Orchard’s next Passport Adventure in the series. It’s called Exploring the Roots of the Olive.  You’ll taste the wines, cheeses and olive oils from Lebanon, along with Lebanese hummus and pickled vegetables, Grilled Kofta with Garlic Sauce and Tabbouleh, Manoush (Flatbread Pizza), Lebanese Chicken and Koushari and, for dessert, Basbousa Semolina Cake with Rose Water Syrup and Stuffed Dates.

The drive out to the Orchard is pleasant and takes about 25 minutes from downtown. The dinners are comfortable and casual, yet impeccably prepared and presented. The spacious setting is unique, and this enjoyable evening will be unlike any other dining experience you’ll have in San Antonio.

Dinner begins at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 10. It is $55 per person and you’ll need to make reservations at 210-621-0044 or go to for more information. Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard is at 25195 Mathis Road, near Elmendorf.


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