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The Silver K Cafe in Johnson City Closes

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Peach cobbler and cinnamon ice cream, the Silver K Cafe way.

Some sad news to report: The Silver K Cafe, 209 E. Main St., Johnson City, has closed.

The restaurant, which offered Texas favorites in a gussied up presentation, had been a fixture on the scene for close to 10 years, according to its website, which announced the closing. No reason was given.

For years now, people had been singing the praises of the Silver K Cafe and I’ve dutifully passed their notes along to others who joined the chorus, but it never worked out for me to eat there until recently. I was duly impressed, not just with the excellence of the meats, but also the generous array of side dishes, the beer and wine list of Texas favorites and the great handmade desserts.

I plan on stealing a few ideas, such as the wasabi ranch dressing, which was served alongside salt and pepper calamari. And cinnamon ice cream, served atop warm Fredericksburg peach cobbler, was a mouthwatering delight.

I just wish I had had the chance to make a return visit.


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