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Bakery Lorraine Has Found a Home

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Macarons from Bakery Lorraine

Bakery Lorraine has a home.

The bakery, known for the mouthwatering baked goods offered each Sunday during the Quarry Farmers and Ranchers Market, has opened in a permanent home at 511 E. Grayson St.

Macarons from Bakery Lorraine

The building is a 1920s craftsman-style home  in the Government Hill Historic district and will feature 12 tables plus benches on the porch.

Bouchon Bakery alums and sweethearts, Anne Ng and Jeremy Mandrell, originally created Bakery Lorraine as a “passion project” of sorts as an aside to their tech-centered jobs in San Antonio. Ng and Mandrell were introduced to hospitality aficionado, Charlie Biedenharn, who joined the two to round out the Bakery Lorraine team. When the unoccupied home on the soon-to-be-bustling Grayson Street opened up, the team knew Bakery Lorraine was meant to be.

The couple describes their shop as a place for “open minded people who have a love for food.”

Offerings include seasonal Parisian macarons, tarts (sweet and savory), pies, cookies, muffins, Viennoiseries (including croissants, pain au chocolat, Danish and pain aux abricots) and scones. The bakery will also feature a bread program with baguettes, brioche and sourdough boule. Lunch is covered by way of prepackaged cold sandwiches (using house-made bread), salads, quiche and savory tarts.

The bakery will host 12 seats in the shop, with a few outdoor perches on the porch.

Bakery Lorraine’s hours are 6:30 a.m.–6:30 p.m. Tuesday-Sunady.

For further information visit or call (210) 862-5582. Facebook: Twitter: @BakeryLorraine.

Bakery Lorraine will also continue to host their stand at the Quarry Farmers & Ranchers Market on Sundays at 255 East Basse Road.

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