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Bolivian Chef Visits NAO

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Eric Calderon brings a taste of Bolivia to NAO at the CIA.

Chef Eric Calderón of Grupo Gastronómico in Bolivia has brought his native cuisine to San Antonio this week. He is the latest guest chef to appear at NAO, the New World restaurant at the Culinary Institute of America in the Pearl Brewery,  312 Pearl Parkway.

Students at the culinary school will be working with him, while the public can taste his creations on Sept. 14-15.

The Novo Andino prix-fixe menu includes P’eske, a Bolivian Quinua Real, Ají Amarillo, Queso Fresco; Soltero, a Giant Choclo Corn, Queso Fresco, Tomato, Red Onion, Locoto peppers, and Chicha Reduction; Charquean Paceño, a Sun Dried Beef Tenderloin, Fava Beans, Stuffed T’unta Freeze Dried Potatoes, and Poached Guinea Egg; Mondongo, Pork Ribs Bathed in Ají Colorado and Garlic Sauce with Pork Skin and “Mote” Hominy Corn; and Sucumbé, a Warm Bolivian “Ponche” Seasoned with Clove and Canela.

The cost of the meal is $65.

The Latin Cuisine Certificate Program began on June 18 and has featured a variety of food from Peru, Brazil and now Bolivia, with renowned visiting chefs that specialize in each cuisine. The last installment of the program will be the cuisines of Argentina with visiting chef Hubert O’Farrell on Sept. 20-25.

For reservations, call (210) 554-6484.




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