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Chocolate Class. What Could Be Tastier?

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Learn to make desserts in a CIA Boot Camp.

An exclusive tasting with a master chocolatier from the Lindt USA company will be the highlight of a three-day Dessert Boot Camp offered by the Culinary Institute of America,  San Antonio, set for Oct. 29-31.

Master chocolatier Ann Czaja from Lindt & Sprüngli, a producer of premium chocolate, will provide a unique demonstration for Dessert Boot Camp attendees. Students will hear about the history of chocolate and chocolate production, savor the key ingredients for making premium chocolate, learn about Lindt’s premium chocolate production process and be led in a guided connoisseur-level tasting session of Lindt premium chocolate. Finally, they will prepare a classic Lindt chocolate recipe.

The American-born Czaja began her career in Zurich, where she first developed an interest in culinary arts. After she completed a three-year course of study in desserts, she became a licensed pastry chef/chocolatier. She began work for Lindt & Sprüngli as a master chocolatier at one of Lindt’s Zurich-based chocolate boutiques, conducting live demonstrations on the art of working with premium chocolate. In 2006, Czaja returned to the United States and was named the Lindt master chocolatier for Lindt USA. She is co-author of “Lindt Chocolate Passion,” a history of chocolate and Lindt’s Master Chocolatiers.

CIA is hosting a dessert boot camp.

In the CIA’s Dessert Boot Camp, students will learn the key to preparing a variety of well-loved desserts, from the traditional to the trendy. Unlock the secret to homemade cream puffs and cupcakes. Learn the techniques for making fillings such as custard and mousse, as well as perfecting presentation methods using dessert sauces and impressive garnishes. All students in the CIA Dessert Boot Camp will receive a chef’s uniform, which includes a jacket, pants, and neckerchief. Paper hats, side towels, and aprons will be provided in class. Tuition for the three-day class is $1,325.00 per person. The class will run from Monday, Oct. 29, to Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012, from 7 a.m.-1:30 p.m. each day.

To enroll in the CIA Dessert Boot Camp at the San Antonio campus, visit or call (800) 206-8425. Space is limited.

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