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It’s Easy Eating Green Soup

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It’s easy eating Green Soup.

Sometimes I just can’t get enough green food in my diet. I love the vibrancy that comes from fresh foods that really have the feeling of being alive. That’s the thought behind this raw soup, which uses plenty of greens all together.

It’s a great starter on a Meatless Monday and it’s refreshing, to boot.

Green Soup

1 English cucumber, cut into 1-inch pieces
1 Granny Smith apple or golden delicious apple, cored and chopped
1 zucchini,cut into 1-inch pieces
Juice of 2 key limes or to taste
Parsley leaves, to taste
1/4 serrano pepper (optional)
1 knob ginger, peeled
Salt, to taste
Water, as needed

In a blender or food processor, liquify cucumber, apple and zucchini, adding lime juice, parsley leaves, pepper, if using, ginger and salt. If the blend is too thick, thin with a little water. Garnish with lime or parsley leaves, if desired.

Makes 2 servings.

From John Griffin


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