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Pie That’s Worth the Drive

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The Wimberley Pie Co.

WIMBERLEY — On Labor Day, we pulled up in front of the rustic, stone edifice that houses the Wimberley Pie Co. and witnessed a truly deflating scene: The place was closed, as it always is, on a Monday. Drat.

The sign advertising lasagne had wet our appetites, though, truth be told, my friends and I are always hungry for a slice or three of pie.

The Wimberley Pie Co. has been around since 1989, and that speaks volumes for the quality of a handmade product. So, my friends headed back there later in the week, while I was at work, and scored dinner to go.

Chicken Pot Pie

Instead of the lasagne, however, they opted for a chicken pot pie, which heated beautifully in the oven without the buttery crust dissolving into a soggy mess or drying out into flaky nothingness. Instead, it provided a welcome and sturdy foundation for the creamy and not overly seasoned filling of chicken, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and green beans. This one surpassed Mom’s, and the three of us polished off most of that pie in one sitting.

Dessert was a coconut custard pie, and after all the chicken pie we’d had, we had decided to limit ourselves to small slivers. You should applaud our intentions. Really. That was all we said we wanted. Yet one taste of the pie sent each of us into some happy place deep down inside that only sweet flakes of coconut and a perfect custard, all creamy and eggy rich, can reach. Every crumb of crust, again buttery and dense, and every last flake of coconut disappeared off the spatula.

Coconut custard pie

If that’s what Wimberley Pie does with coconut custard, the cherry must be akin to bliss. Other flavors include Dutch apple, peach crumb, key lime, chocolate chip pecan and blackberry, among many others. Too bad the place no longer ships. According to the store’s website, problems with shipping forced owner Neal Mallard and his team to sell their old-fashioned creations only from the shop.

That means, even though I’m not staying at Canyon Lake any more, another trip to Wimberley — for pie — is in store.

Wimberley Pie Company
13619 Ranch Road 12, Wimberley
(512) 847-9462
Hours: 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Tuesday-Friday; 10 a.m.05 p.m. Saturday; and noon-4 p.m. Sunday.


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2 Responses to “Pie That’s Worth the Drive”

  1. Debi P. says:

    Oh, John, take me with you! Diet be damned.

    • John Griffin says:

      We could do a Hill Country pie trail and stop in Kyle, too, at the Texas Pie Co. I seem to recall a third place up there, too.

      Because it’s pie. That’s all.