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Pumpkins Are Popping Up in All Shapes and Colors

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Pumpkins, gourds and other squashes are filling markets.

White Ghost and Casper are among the pale varieties for sale.

It’s pumpkin season, and markets are filling up with a host of colors and varieties that extend beyond the classic orange.

There are red pumpkins with names like Cinderella and Lakota, while Blue Max, Blue Lakota, White Ghost and Casper all speak to their respective hues. Gourds in green, some with smooth and others with bumpy surfaces, add their own splash of color.

Giant and miniature pumpkins are often displayed side by side.

The traditional pumpkin used for jack-o-lanterns is not the best for cooking with, though many of the heirloom varieties are. If you want a pumpkin that’s are good for pies, stews or ravioli filling, just ask whoever is selling them for the best flavor.

Enjoy these beauties while they last, which can be a long time for the hard-skinned varieties. My Blue Max from last fall was good, as a decoration, until a few weeks ago.

These photos were taken at the new Whole Foods, 18403 Blanco Road.

Blue-gray pumpkins.

Gourds and other squashes add color and texture.

What color is your favorite?


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