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What’s Hot: Stubb’s Green Chile Marinade

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Stubb’s has gained quite a reputation for its barbecue sauces, which are notable in a crowded market because, among their virtues, they’re low on sugar but not on flavor.

Now, the Austin-based brand has introduced a small-batch seasonal offering, Green Chile Marinade, which is billed as an “all natural blend of Hatch green chiles, garlic and lime.”

If that sounds like a winner, then wait until you taste it.

Shrimp baked in Stubb’s Green Chile Marinade.

The marinade is hot, but not too hot, and it has a nice fruity quality, from pineapple and lime juices. That balance makes it perfect for an array of meats. I tried it on separate occasions with chicken wings and shrimp, and neither could have been easier. Simply marinate your choice of meat — I think pork would be perfect — for at least an hour and then cook. You can use the leftover to baste the meat with.

While you can find the regular Stubb’s barbecue sauce lineup at most grocery stores, the Green Chile Marinade is only available at  Whole Foods. That’s because only 4,000 cases were made. So, if you’re a Hatch chile fan, grab a bottle before it’s gone.

A 12-ounce bottle is priced at $3.79.

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